About k'ommons

About k'ommons

our kommons bar to serve you.

our story

the use of comma or ' is to show k'ommons man, take a pause in this fast-paced world. come enjoy a cup of coffee, or join us for some refreshments, taking a quick break at the right time to catch your breath.

keep calm and create inner peace while conquering our life time goals.

our commonly uncommon

we are ambitious about coffee and trying our best to deliver freshly roasted coffees that taste the way coffee was meant to be.

we are experimenting the rich aroma arabica bean with variety of recipes, ranging from bubbly sparkling water to the bright sour acidity lemonade, offering an exotic uncommon coffee expericence to your taste buds.
our kommons bar to serve you.
we, k'ommons team, with a mission to explore unique coffee varietals and experimenting it with variety flavours, doing the common brew in an uncommon way.
our kommons.
k'ommons team
espresso lemonade